Dr Sangeetha Chennampulli bags Devaki Warrier Memorial Literary Award 2019

Dr. Sangeetha Chennampulli has bagged the Devaki Warrier Memorial Literature Award 2019.

Dr Sangeetha Chennampulli bags Devaki Warrier Memorial Literary Award 2019

Dr. Sangeetha Chennampulli, from Ottappalam, Palakkad and now living in Kozhikode has bagged the Devaki Warrier Memorial Literature Award 2019. She won the essay competition exlusively for women on the topic, Kerala Navothanavum Sthree Munnettavum (Kerala Renaissance and Women Progress). A Committee consisting of eminent prsonalities inlcuidng Dr. P. Soman, Dr. Lekha Narendran and Prof M.G. Oleena selected the winners. K. Indulekha from Pathanamthitta and P Ramadevi from Kozhikode were eligible for proficiency prizes.

On June 12, 2019 at the Devaki Warrier Birth Anniversary event, to be held at Sathyan Memorial Hall in Thiruvananthapuram at 3.00 PM, M. Mukesh the actor turned MLA will give away the Award that includes Cash Prize, Memento and a Certificate.

Devaki Warrier Memorial Women’s Studies & Empowerment Centre is a an organization of dedicated, service minded persons registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Act 12 of 1955.The organization started functioning in 2002 under the auspices of Kerala Working Women’s Association, in memory of its founder pr

Devaki Warrier Memorial Women’s Studies and Empowerment Centre is a an entity of dedicated, service minded people registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Act 12 of 1955.The organization began functioning in 2002 under the auspices of Kerala Working Women’s Association, in memory of its founder president Devaki Warrier, a veteran freedom fighter and a dedicated social worker till her last breath. She was a pioneer of women’s emancipation. Inspired by her dedicated service to society and following her foot steps, this Centre was set up to help the needy and empower women through various philanthropic activities.

Dr Sangeetha Chenampulli

Since Devaki Warrier died of cancer on December 25, 2001. The members were particular that one of the main objectives of the Centre should be to extend a helping hand to cancer patients. Free accommodation and food is being provided in the Centre for cancer patients and their caregivers who are under OP treatment in the Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram. Besides that the Centre also provides free transportation to patients in an ambulance donated by State bank of Travancore.

  • Other InitiativesPatients of SAT and medical college are being provided with free noon meal on every Wednesday at 1.00 pm in the medical college campus. Snehaswathanam the old age home at Vattapara provides accommodation to senior citizens is also being implemented
  • Sradha a news bulletin on the activities of the centre is being published quarterly
  • Devaki Warrier Smarakha Library with more than 10000 books and a reading room are also functioning in the centre
  • Counselling and all other sorts of help are being provided to the patients and their relatives like arranging donation of blood etc
  • Devaki Warrier Smarakha Literary Award is being distributed every year on June 12th after conducting a state wide contest exclusively for women

The Centre is also committed to end violence against women. It provide shelter, legal support and care for women and children who are helpless victims of various types of abuses. For social and economic empowerment of women, it organises campaigns, classes, trainings and workshops in the Centre. A library having 8,000 books affiliated with The State Library Council functions at the Centre which is having 132 membership.

Multiple talent

Sangeetha was born on January 2, 1983 at Mundanattukara in Ottappalam Thaluk of Palakkad District. She went to Anangannadi High School in Ottappalam. Sangeetha pursued PDC in Science from NSS College Ottappalam in 2000 and finished her BSc in 2003 in Chemistry from the same college. Her MSc was in 2005 specialised in Chemistry (Polymer Science) from the School of Chemical Sciences, MG University, Kerala. In 2006 Sangeetha also finished her BEd in Physical Science from Farook BEd College, Kottakkal, Malappuram District of Kerala.

Sangeetha registered for PhD in 2009 and converted to part-time upon appointment as Assistant Professor, Department of Collegiate in Polymer nanocompsites at the National Institute of Technology, Kozhikode. She has got five years of doctoral research at NIT and six months at Trent University, Canada as a visiting doctoral student from March 7, 2014 to September 1, 2014. She also gained experience in operating sophisticated analytical instruments such as Universal Testing Machine, TGA, DSC, UV visible spectrophotometre, ATR-FTIR spectrometer, Polarising Optical microsope, Dynamic Mechanical Analyser and XRD. Dr. Sangeetha obtained her PhD in Polymer Science in 2017.

Currently, Sangeetha is serving the Kozhikode Government Arts and Science College as Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department. Sangeetha has solid teaching experience of six years as Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Government Engineering College, Kozhikode till from December 4, 2010 till date.

She is also the Editorial Committee Member of Shasthra Sahithya Parishad online magazine Luka, Janavishkara Online Portal and Aksharam Online. She was the Editorial Committee Member of Shasthra Kerala Magazine. Sangeetha wries science and other articles regularly in the contemporary Malayalam periodicals.

Sangeetha Chenampulli has bagged several awards including Kuttettan Memorial Award for Essay competition in 2015 and Payal Books Poetry Award in 2016. She has authored and published books titled: Prakashavum Rasathanthravum and Kouthakamulla Shaasthrakaryangal. Sangeetha was also part of 15 anthologies. For Prakashavum Rasathanthravum was selected for the Malappuram District Woman Reading Competition in 2018.

● International Teaching Internship at Nottingham Trent University, UK, sponsored by Govt. of Kerala and British council (08/02/2016 to 05/03/2016
● visiting sholar at Trent University Canada for 6 months
● Short term research project from Centre for Engineering Research and Development, Govt. of Kerala entitled “Fabrication and Characterization of Poly (ethylene- co-acrylic acid)/nanocellulose Composites” worth 2 lakhs (12/2011 to 12/1014)
● Junior Research Fellowship from Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India, December 2008
● Qualified UGC-CSIR exam under Lectureship-NET category thrice during June 2007, Dec 2007 and June 2008
● Third Rank for MSc. Chemistry (Polymer Science) in June 2005
● Current Trends in Nanotechnology, Tunjan Memorial Government College, Tirur on 30/10/2014
● Mentoring Talk, Walk with Scholar Program, Tunjan Memorial Government College, Tirur, 30/10/2014
● New Frontiers of Chemistry, Government College, Malappuram on 09/11/2016
● Membrane applications of nanomaterials, Tunjan Memorial Government College, Tirur, 15/11/2016

Ramdas, Dr Sangeetha and Alan

Dr. Sangeetha’s  husband Ramdas Mundankodi is into Pharmaceutical business and their son Alan, who is an Eight Grader, shows flair for writing and drawing. He has already written in several children’s publications.

Alan has represented India in Junior Asia Pacific Childrens’ Convention held in Japan as part of the contingent of six members. Why Alan? Dr. Sangeetha Chennampulli signs off, “we wanted lead our lives sticking to our secular convictions, hence we named him Alan.” The Indian News wishes this multi-talent the best in her future endeavours.