Kerala Startup Mission forge alliance with Unity Technologies to establish Startup Centre of Excellence

Kerala Startup Mission, Unity Technologies sign deal to roll out Startup Centre of Excellence

Kerala announces the launch of Startup Centre of Excellence as Kerala Startup Mission forge alliance with Unity Technologies

Government of Kerala has announced that its nodal agency, Kerala Startup Mission has forged alliance with technology behemoth, Unity Technologies to roll out a Centre of Excellence for AR/VR gaming. Kerala Startup Mission is a technical entrepreneurship in the State to create a conducive environment in projecting Kerala as an investment destination. With this deal in place, Unity Technologies will encourage startups in terms of developing products, services and games on platforms such as mobile, PC and various AR/VR hardware. In addition to that, the Centre will also have cohesive focus on providing various levels of training on AR/VR developer tools to the student community as well as professionals in Kerala. Therefore, the alliance is a giant leap in terms of developing an AR/VR ecosystem in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

While speaking after signing the MoU, in the presence of Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, M Sivasankar, Secretary, Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of Kerala said: “The AV/VR market is expected to witness humongous growth globally in the next 5-6 years. Apparently, this growth in demand for AR/VR content ad solutions will be accompanied by the mushrooming of a new set of businesses. What is more, the Centre of Excellence for AR/VR Developer tools with Unity Technologies is a right step taken by the Government of Kerala in order to create an ecosystem for businesses to grow and cater to the global demand. The ICT Academy of Kerala and CDIT has a pivotal role to play in the creation of this ecosystem in the state.”

Stating that Unity Technologies is at the centre of the AR/VR ecosystem powering in excess of 60% of all content, Hubert Larenaudie, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Unity Technologies went on to add that the Centre will pavthe way to create an ecosystem for the new businesses to grow and thrive.

Saji Gopinath, CEO, Kerala Startup Mission said, “Kerala Startup Mission was committed towards creating an enabling ecosystem for young ventures working on various emerging technologies. With its rich pool of creative talent, Kerala has the humongous opportunity to become a hub for this extended reality disruption, which is a combination of content and solutions powered by hardware and distribution platforms. This emerging industry will, in turn, create new jobs that require new sets of skills. Therefore, we will be working with ICT Academy of Kerala for skilling interested students and professionals on these design and development tools.”

Promoting Startups

In line with the Knowledge City initiative of the Government of Kerala, the Kerala Startup Mission is laying major emphasis on promting startups working in various emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, AR/VR and more. Over the last year or so, KSUM has touched bases with more than one hundred, to be exact, startups in these emerging technologies and has further provided these startups with a slew of support mechanisms including technology access through Future Technologies Laboratory, Innovation Grants, Seed Loands, Exposure Programmes and Market Connects. Future Technologies Lboratory also runs evangelisation drives across Kerala to attract more professionals and students to take up research, in addition to learning and development programmes in these newer technologies.