Ayurveda Day celebrated at British Parliament, Shahnaz Hussain says: “Ayurvedic Inheritance combined with AI is India’s gift to the world”

Ayurveda Day was celebrated at the British Parliament on November 5, 2018. Shahnaz Hussain, a pioneer and leader of the Ayurvedic Beauty Care movement, was also honoured with the Excellence Award in recognition of her contribution to Ayurveda. At a glittering event held in the British Parliament, Shahnaz said, “For the Western world, staggering under the effect of chemicals, Ayurveda is the only natural alternative.”

Ayurveda Day Celebration at British Parliament.

Shahnaz also spoke about some instances of fatal effects of chemicals, as well as the miraculous cures of Ayurvedic treatments. “Ayurvedic inheritance, combined with Artificial Intelligence is India’s gift to the world”, Shahnaz said.

Ayurved Ratan, Prof Thangavelu, David Terdeinneck, the Member of British Parliamet, Charanjeet Singh, the Acting High Commissioner of India to the UK and Amarjeet Bharmra, Secretary, All Party Parliamentary Group on Indian Traditional Sciences were present on the occasion.