Me Too: Indian Artist Subodh Gupta resigns as Curator of Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa, scoffs off sexual misconduct allegation

#MeToo: Subodh Gupta steps aside as Curator of Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa and denies sexual misconduct charges

Subodh Gupta quits as Curator of Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa, calls sexual misconduct charge as fabricated

Just the following day of the sexual misconduct allegation against the Curator of Serendipity Arts Festival Goa, renowned Indian Artist, Subodh Gupta had not only stepped aside from is post, but also went on denial mode, terming the whole episode as fabricated. The allegation against the Artist propped up yesterday after the post on anonymously-administered account in Instagram, “Scene and Herd went viral, following which, Gupta had quit his post. Gupta had quit the post of curator to uphold the dignity of the high office, he said and termed the Instagram post as ‘False and downright Fabricated.”

The post which appeared on the handle of Instagram had elaborately given the account by some women accusing Subodh Gupta of sexual misconduct. However, Gupta told the Indian Express that he not only denied the anonymous allegations made on the Instagram account but also defended himself, saying, “I have never behaved in an inappropriate fashion with any individual who worked wit me and several of my former assistants can vouch for it. These allegations are entirely false and fabricated.”

Gupta is a globally known artist and he is better known as “King of Screaming Metal” and also known by, “Damien Hirst of Delhi.” Subodh Gupta is in the top league of contemporary artists in India and that too he is the highly paid artists as well. Also known for the concept of ‘Ready-made” in art, choosing conceivably any object he can possibly lay his hand, be it stainless steel utensils or any other objects and he transforms that into monumental sculptures and installations. The IE report also cited the internal statement circulated to festival curators by the officials of the festival stating that Gupta had issued a statement stating that he was stepping aside till the allegation on him was cleared and added that he would not be taking part in the festival so as not to detract from the concerted efforts of over 90 projects at the festival this year.