COVID-19: Hand Sanitizer product MicroGOassure Gains Ground at Airports Across India

MicroGoassure, the flagship hand hygiene sanitizer product from the stable of Biotech startup MicroGo is gaining popularity across Indian airports.

COVID-19: Hand Sanitizer product GOassure manufactured by MicroGo gains Ground at Airports Across India. Photo Courtesy: Chennai MAA Airport FB Page

The Chennai based Biotech startup, MicroGo’s Internet of things (IoT) based hand hygine innovation, GOassure is ensuring the safety of thousands of personnel and staff across Indian airports and public places, thus beginning to alter people’s perception of hand hygiene, especially at the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that is gripping the world. Dealing with the long-term consequences of the current crisis requires measures that can ensure a safe working environment. Keeping the urgency for hand-hygiene solutions in perspective, MicroGO has initially invested Rs. 40 lakh for deploying their flagship product GOassureTM.

Hassle-free Solutions

COVID-19: Hand Sanitizer product GOassure Gains Ground at Airports Across India.

MicroGO will soon be launching a low cost and small foot print version of GOassureTM called GOassureTMLite. As India transitions to the next phase of the health crisis, people need robust hand-hygiene products that reduce water consumption, improve sustainability, while minimizing health risks. To keep harmful viruses like COVID-19 at bay, workplaces and public places like airports require advanced technologies that can ensure compliance of guidelines. In the interest of public safety, following all the necessary precautions also requires hassle-free solutions.

In line with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, MicroGO‘s innovative products will be entering the market at the most appropriate time. Organizations too are beginning to realize the importance of maintaining hygiene as a prerequisite for the successful functioning of their businesses. As the demand for efficient products increases, MicroGo wishes to cater to requirements at airports, while their use at offices and retail stores, too, is steadily taking precedence.

Alliance With AAI

MicroGO has started working with Airports Authority of India to provide hygiene solutions since March 2020, just as the pandemic began to unfold. So far, it has deployed hundreds of GOassure units at 19 Airports Authority of India controlled airports such as Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Baroda, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Guwahati. What’s more, the Prime Minister’s Office has installed one unit of GOassure.The other prominent clients also includes hotels and offices such as TATA Capital, Taj Cormandel, Sunflower COVID Testing Laboratory Mumbai, Big Basket, Indian Oil Corporation, IRCTC Corporate among several others.


Suneel Dutt, Director of Chennai International Airport. Photo Courtesy: FB Chennai MAA Airport Page.

Speaking about MicroGO’s solutions such as GOassureTM, Director of Chennai International Airport, Suneel Dutt said: “Here, at the domestic airport, we have more than 25 sanitizers placed for visitors and staff. We have also placed 10 advanced, automatic sanitizing machines to reinforce our safety offerings. These machines advance our hand hygiene program and offer peace of mind to everyone who enters the premises.”

Founder of MicroGO, Rachna Dave

Microbiologist and Founder of MicroGO, Rachna Dave said: “In the advent of COVID-19, the Indian industry has been severely affected due to fear of virus spread. As we re-open our economy and people get back to work, it is essential that highest levels of hand-hygiene practices are followed at all public places and this requires reliable technologies that go beyond sanitizer dispensers, which can ensure 100% compliance while being sustainable”.

MicroGO caters to end-to-end WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) solutions to its customers with their products GOhandsTM, GOcleanTM, GOfreshTM, GOpureTM, and GOpure+TM. MicroGO® is a Chennai-based R&D-driven manufacturing company that is building a pipeline of products that focuses on sustainability and hygiene. They driven by the motto- Keeping lives SAFE and SAVE valuable resources.