Unique wedding card highlighting “Chemistry” between Kerala couple Soorya Nair and Vithun goes viral in social media circles

Kerala Chemistry teacher’s unique wedding card goes viral on social media platforms as Shashi Tharoor wishes the couple well

Shashi Tharoor wishing the Chemistry teacher Soorya Nair from Kerala for creating a unique wedding invitation well go viral on social media circles

A unique wedding card, highlighting the “Chemistry” between the Kerala based Soorya and Vithun, who got hitched yesterday, which went viral on the social media circles. Apparently, the trending topic is the invitation card has an innovative image of a laboratory glass apparatus, half filled with ping colour liquid and in the middle of it is a Heart symbol embossed in with colour and inside the symbol it is mentioned ‘in’ followed by “Trivandrum”. On top of the apparatus, like a typical science class work book, two arrows part on either sides. The left drop down arrow suggests the couple’s names and comparing themselves with two atoms! Vn (Vithun) and on the right, Sa (Soorya). Below the jar the message continues, “the FOURTEENTH of December and right below, “TWO Thousand Eighteen.”

Shashi Tharoor wishing the Chemistry teacher from Kerala for creating a unique wedding invitation well go viral on social media circles

Soorya Nair has posted this invitation card on her Facebook wall, which had gone viral. What is more, when the Thiruvananthapuram Member of Parliament as well as the celebrity author, Shashi Tharoor shared the invitation card on his Twitter and wished the couple well, the curiosity to see the unique wedding invitation card increased leaps and bounds.

Kharthic’s Tweet on Shashi Tharror’s Twitter had done the trick.

Apparently, Tharoor got to know about it when a person with a Twitter Handle, “KVR@KARTHIC_VINOBA” wrote on the MP’s Twitter, “Chemistry teacher’s wedding invitation! @ShashiTharoor ji from your constituency.” Karthic had posted the image of the wedding invitation card as well. Below the image, Karthic describes the content on the invitation card, “The invite reads: “The atoms, Vithun and Soorya have decided to become a molecule with the activation energies of both parents. Requesting your latency with your reactants and products on the bonding ceremony.”

Apparently, the wedding date here is termed as “reaction on”, while the venue is made a “Laboratory” and the diagram is also drawn highlighting the “Love” between them. When Tharoor tweeted and wished the couple well, the content became viral and more followers of him came on his Twitter account and re-tweeted, while many of them got carried away by the creative way of expression on the wedding card, also came up with their own coinages.

For instance, Belhavens@belhavens, Tweeted: “May the molecules create synergistic neutrons, protons and electrons. Stay energised!”

Another person, Khaali Peeli@KhaaliPeeli1 Tweeted: “Brilliant Reaction should be in the evening, it is only the aparatus set up that happens at 12.25 PM LoL.”

While Isha@shhitshish Tweeted: “This is the cutest wedding invitation! No doubt, the electrons will reach there in time! @ShashiTharoor!”

Another interesting take was from Miyako Izabel@sejoalzir: “See, only a knowledge society can come up with this wedding invitation. Yes, from India. Think. Be creative. Always. May their chemistry remain strong forever.”