Breaking News: Indian Metalcore Band Aarlon is now on Aspiration Records

Aarlon, the maverick Meltalcore band from New Delhi has signed a contract with Aspiration Records Philadelphia and Wintston – Salem for their compilation album.

Breaking News: Delhi Metalcore Band Aaarlon is now on Aspiration Records

And now, the Delhi-based Metalcore band is part of Aspiration Records family! What an incredible achievement these bunch of youngsters have achieved! Aspiration Records is a DIY record label, founded on January 18, 2019 based out of Philadelphia PA and Winston-Salem in North Carolina. AR is all set to release their compilation CDs and cassettes next month. Much to the dismay of Aarlon members, AR had picked them as their first choice.

In an exclusive interview given to The Indian.News, Pritam Goswami Adhikary, one of the key members of Aarlon told the Editor-in-Chief, Jayashankar Menon, “It is an amazing feeling to be honest, when we started recording the album, no one even in our wildest dreams ever imagined that we will be signed by a record label that too a US based entity. Another happy news I want to share with you is that AKT Enterprises, a Screen Printing and Merchandising firm based out of Orlando in Florida, the US, who is already working with giants such as Bring Me the Horizon, ATTILA and others have approached us for the merchandise deal. The talks are in progress. More news about the merchandise deal is on its way.”

Pritam Goswami Adhikary, Vocalist of Aarlon Band.

Now, Aspiration Records is already in talks with their associates about the tour and Pritam and the team are hopeful about it.

Debut Album Release

Breaking News: Delhi Metalcore Band Aarlon is now on Aspiration Records

Elaborating on their plans of releasing their debut album, Haiwan, Pritam said, “Though we have already released four tracks of Haiwan, nevertheless, the album is slowly taking shape. Thanks to the review of the fourth track, Vidroh by Metal Injection, we consider it as such a big honour for being an Indian metal band that is writing songs in Hindi. This kind of appreciation reminds us again and again that music transcend beyond the borders, language, creed, caste and religion. We are thankful to all our fans pan India and abroad for their humongous support. We will keep going with the hope that someday the world will be free of turmoils in the name of music. Also, our gratitude to the Rockstreet Journal for reviewing this and supporting us in this journey,” Pritam says.

While throwing more light on Vidroh, Pritam said, “Vidroh is about breaking the shackles of middle-class responsibilities and pursuing what one desires.”

Journey with Aarlon

Reminiscing about his association with Aarlon, Pritam says, “The story of my journey with Aarlon began in 2016. I have been doing vocal covers and posting those in social media. I would like to thank all my friends for their precious support since the beginning of it all. Those who shared my works and helped me to reach out to the masses. Eventually, Piyush found my cover of Pantera’s WALK and approached me to join his band! I got a scratch of TU MERI MAUT that very night and was truly blown away by the lyrics.

So this was my first song with Aarlon. I was really excited to see that people actually received well as a debut song. Then we came out with the title track of the album, Haiwan. Notice that how Piyush’s words fit so well with Ritwik’s riffs in each and every song. Piyush writes so precise yet so dreamy but wait he would never let you float in that dreamlike state but throw you down to the ground with real harshness and make you realize the ugly truth of the civilized life. Abhiruk has been a part in our first two songs we wish him all the best for his future.”

Poet turned Vocalist

Talking about his foray into vocals, Pritam says, “I am poet turned vocalist. I have been writing in my mothertongue Bengali since I was a child. Jibonando Daash is my favourite poet. No one could quench my thirst other than him. Though I think my poems are all post modern but I really enjoy Coleridge, T.S. Eliot and Keats. But to all my fans who are avid readers I’d suggest them to read Bishnu De, Badal Sarkar and Shakti Chattopaddhyay. I always wanted to break away from the common notions of sanity and wanted to project my perception of art and this world through my poems and Piyush is doing the same thing in his mother tongue Hindi, so I can relate to his words more than anyone in this world. Eventually, the screams come up from within without any effort. Haiwan reveals the inner turmoil of every thinker stuck rut here in this utterly non reciprocating world ruled by fanatics. We are really grateful to the rolling stone India for featuring Haiwan.

From this point, we got Pranky on board in the drums and needless to say he is a talented lad. As one can easily understand from what he did in Vidroh. Ankit is the founder member. I jam with this fellow Bengali. He is killer guy with even more killer bass hitting skills. Panchhi is undoubtedly my favourite of all. the outro crushes me down every time I sing it. Written against the aggressive urbanization and deforestation, the music video of this song celebrate the human cruelty on the mother nature. Much to your astonishment, the song turns really intriguing towards the outro and I am sure I haven’t rendered anything like this till date. Hands down the most challenging song ever”


Aarlon performing in Jaipur.

Hailing from a small town, Siliguri Pritam struggled hard to come up in life. There was no venue which was ready to host and pay an alternative band for their music. People subscribe to generic songs and expect the musicians to play the same for them. Pritam felt sick of the whole thing. “I don’t know whether we will be able to change this stagnant mindset of people living inside their boundaries. We have got this majority of the college going youth who don’t want to show up for gigs that don’t include Bollywood celebrities. You know what before this turns out into a rant. I want to take an epic digression from here and recall my fondest memories.
So, we played in Jaipur last year and the crowd went crazy. I still remember there was this girl who was so mesmerized by our performance that she made a charcoal sketch of Aarlon and gifted that to us before we were leaving the next day. We really love playing in Jaipur and we consider that place as our second home,” Pritam says.

Aarlon Team

But, unlike many other musicians Pritam actually love what he does. “I teach in a primary school here in Siliguri. I am teaching Maths to the kids. However, my classes are not restricted to math alone. They get to listen to my favourite heavy metal songs everyday. I am sure, that by the time they grow up, they will learn to appreciate different kinds of music and art. I am trying to inject a sense of liberty and freedom in them so that they could break away from all the shackles and could confront what is ignored and speak exactly what should be spoken, write what should be written and exercise what should be exercised. I wish my efforts won’t go in vain nonetheless even if I fail I could tell myself that I tried, at least I tried,” he says with a sense of consolation.


Pritam has taken up challenges that really helped him grow as a vocalist and as a musician. He has been a huge fan of pPantera and Dimebag arrell since the beginning and Pritam still begins his day with Pantera. Here is Pritam’s attempt to Pantera’s Suicide Note Part 2:

What is more, Pritam was also into all black and thrash metal when he started as a metal vocalist.

Pritham’s Idols

“I really love Chester Bennington as a vocalist. I paid my tribute to him after his demise. I really think this this is my work while it comes to my covers,” Pritam says.

Classical Guitar

Pritam is a big fan of Classical Music, especially Indian Classical genre. He is possessing a classical guitar. Priam’s whole family is into Indian Classical Music and he grew up listening to his mother and grandfather. “Now I am learning the classical guitar and really trying to do something intriguing with it,” says a beaming Pritam.

Pritam does not want to confine himself within the walls of genres hence he is exploring various approaches to music and vocals and trying to incorporate those into his own songs.


Pritam on slayer

Now it feels great to be able to pull off songs belonging to diverse genres but it comes at a price of losing a traditionally accepted notion of being social, Pritam says and adds, “I keep myself confined inside my room and practice the whole day either this thing or that.”

Advice to aspirants

Pritam has a word or two to the aspiring vocalists. “Just stay on your ground and stay honest to yourself and don’t give a damn to the naysayers. If you are not following the traditional path you are going to bleed. You will encounter ignorance, hatred and what not. But just bite the ground hard with your feet and remember ‘This too shall pass.’ The last thing what I want to tell the world is If I did anything significant in my life it is all because of my mother. Even if I invest a thousand lives writing on her struggle and hardship in raising both of us kids I could only justify a fraction. Last thing for all the fans, Aspiration Records are working on a tour and if all goes well we’ll hit the states for the album tour very soon. Meanwhile keep an eye on our page for the upcoming pre orders for the album and the merch.”