DBT scheme of Maharashtra Government involving PDS amounted to a betrayal with ration show owners: Prahlad Modi, Brother of PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi’s brother Prahlad Modi: Maharashtra Government should relook at DBT Scheme pertaining to PDS

Prahlad Modi, brother of PM Narendra Modi: Photo: Twitter.

Urging the Maharashtra Government and the Union Government reconsider the decision of implementing the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme pertaining to the Public Distribution System, Prahlad Modi, the brother of senior BJP leader and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had termed the programme as amounting to a betrayal with ration shop owners. In the same vein, Modi took a dig at the Congress as well for trying to take political mileage from the issue. Prahlad Modi said that Narendra Modi-led NDA Government decisions on demonetisation and implementing the GST might have hurt a few, nevertheless there was no impact for those who did their business abiding by the law, PTI reported.

Prahlad Modi, who is the vice president of All India Fair Price Shop Dealers Federation (AIFPSDA), said this while speaking at a rally, after a protest march and added that the State Government had decided to begin the DBT Scheme, as it was assigned to the states by the Union Government, nevertheless not up to the mark.

Girish Bapat, Minister gave assurance in Kolhapur tht it would not impact the dealers. They have started creating troubles for the fair price shop dealers. Wonder what award do the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis will get and what kind of promotion Bapat will get for troubling the poor. What is more, they are coaxing the poor to buy wheat at Rs.21-23 a kilo and rice at Rs.27 a kilo, which are exorbitant in contrast with PDS prices. God only knows whether the subsidy will be deposited in the accounts of the poor or now,” Prahlad Modi pointed out.

The Union Government and the Maharashtra Government had stopped the supply of kerosene under the PDS and the poor can’t even light a candle in their houses, Prahlad Modi lamented. “Therefore I urge the Maharashtra Government should roll back the schemes which are implemented in a wrong manner and further make available kerosene, besides taking effective decision in the DBT scheme so that both the shopkeepers and the poor people are relieved from this harassment, Prahlad Modi added.