Tulsi Ramsay, horror film director of Bollywood passes away

Hindi horror film maker Tulsi Ramsay dies

Tulsi Ramsay, the Horror Film Maker of Bollywood bids adieu.

Renowned Bollywood horror movie maker, Tulsi Ramsay breathed his last yesterday at his residence in Goregaon, Mumbai at the age of 74. Ramsay was cremated at 2.00 PM.

Purana Mandir, Directed by Tulsi Ramsay.

Throughout the 1980s and the following decade, Tulsi Ramsay made a string of horror movies including Purana Mandir, Veerana and Bandh Darwaza, all his films had ready takers, as he was one of the passionate film makers to make movies in the horror genre, which is not the forte of many. Popularly known as the Ramsay brothers, half a dozen of them including himself, Kumar Ramsay, Shyam Ramsay, Keshu Ramsay, Arjun Ramsay, Gangu Ramsay and Kiran Ramsay were known for their lowbudget film making skills, especially in the horror movie genre.

Later, in the television industry, Tulsi Ramsay took efforts to popularise the horror genre by beginning the horror show, Zee Horror Show Television Series in the early ’90s which thousands glued to the idiot box. The brothers shot into fame instantly when they not only made the movie Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche in just 40 days flat, with a shoe-string budget of a mere Rs.3.5 lakh, but also successfully screened the Hindi movie in the box office, the grossing in excess of Rs.45 lakh. The success of this film inspired the Ramsay brothers to make more movies of the same genre in the coming years, through Tulsi Ramsay’s production unit in Andheri. Tulsi Ramsay has directed a slew of horror movies, in addition to the Zee Horror Show.

The details of the movies he directed is as follows:

The Zee Horror Show (1993) TV series (unknown episodes), Mahakaal (1993), Police Mathu Dada (1991), Inspector Dhanush (1991), Ajooba Kudrat Ka (1991), Bandh Darwaza (1990), Purani Haveli (1989), Veerana (1988), Tahkhana (1986), Telephone (1985), 3D Saamri (1985), Purana Mandir (1984), Ghungroo Ki Awaaz (1981), Hotel (1981), Sannata (1981), Dahshat (1981), Saboot (1980)
Guest House (1980 film), Aur Kaun (1979), Darwaza (1978), Andhera (1975), Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche (1972) … aka Two Yards Under the Ground (India: English title), Nakuli Shaan (1971)
Penanggalan (1967) … aka The Headless Terror (USA).

Tulsi Ramsay also produced movies like Aatma in 2006, Bandh Darwaza in 1990, Tahkana in 1986 and 3D Saamri in 1985. He was also production designer in films such as Bandh Darwaza (1990), Na-Insaafi in 1989 and Purana Mandir in 1984. Tulsi Ramsay has also penned a story along with his brother Shyam Ramsay in the film Inspector Dhanush in 1991.