Six Yards and 365 Days Global Meet in California

Six Yards and 365 days, a unique endeavour to support the weaving community and handloom industry of India, celebrated its International meet in California, the US.

Six Yards and 365 Days Global Meet in California

The idea behind this campaign is to encourage women to drape the six yards all 365 days of the year and also the artisans to continue their profession and keep the Indian tradition alive. This motive drives Six Yards and 365 days to organise International Meets and events across the country and educate people about this beautiful Indian wear.

Facebook campaign Six Yards and 365 days which promotes local artisans of India observes the International meet by following theme which Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees. Kanjeevaram, essentially a silk saree borrowed its name from the town of its origin, Kanchipuram. The sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk thread. Kanchipuram saris woven with heavy silk and gold cloth are considered to be special and are worn on occasions and festivities.

#Victorianchainsaree was hosted by Lakshmi Moorty, senior member of the group from San Francisco. Above 40 members participated in the meet to promote the weavers and showed their lover towards handlooms. Six Yards and 365 Days Members showed their solidarity and love towards handlooms. Previous group Meetings were held in Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Varanasi and Ranchi in India.

Sunita Budhiraja and Lakshmi Moorty

Sunita Budhiraja author, poet, curator and entrepreneur, said. It was indeed and incredible event to attend with my lovely sakhis. It was very heartwarming to see all the ladies wearing vibrant Kanjeevaram silk sarees. Indeed it was a good effort by all the handloom lovers across the globe making the meet memorable. I always cherish this wonderful get together and the time spent together. it was a pleasure and honors to be a part of it.

Six Yards and 365 Days take pride to honour the weavers and entrepreneurs for their contribution for carrying forward these traditional arts of handloom sarees. Initiated by noted Hindi author, entrepreneur and poet Sunita Budhiraja, Six yard and 365 days shall felicitate them for their superior work.

Rashmi Ramaswamy, Susmita Padhee, Lakshmi Moorty (Sitting)and Sunita Budhiraja (Sitting).

The virtual campaign has not only gathered a lot of momentum but has already crossed 31,000 members, many of whom religiously wear their hand woven sarees with pride, buy hand-woven sarees, have their photographs clicked in the saree almost every day and post it on the Facebook page of this group. And the number is growing. There are more than 500 members who have posted their 100th and 200th and 300th, 365, 500, and 1000 drapes of handloom sarees.

Many of the weaves are today are fading out. Members are from different walks of life – high profile artistes and artists, authors, theatre persons, educationists, entrepreneurs, doctors, NGO workers, communication professionals to house wives and weavers who come from underpaid came out of their virtual world to a real world. Sunita Budhiraja has been receiving ladies who come to meet her with tears in their eyes and share their grievances, that they were never appreciated by anyone in their family, but after joining this group, they are receiving compliments from the co – members and their self-esteem is coming back. To say it briefly, the saree has become a reason of empowerment and inculcating a sense of pride and self-esteem in women.

Sunita Budhiraja

Sunita Budhiraja is a renowned Hindi poet and author with eleven books to her credit. She has authored the biography of Pt. Jasraj titled “Rasraj Pandit Jasraj’. Other works from her pen include “SaatSuron ke Beech” that consists of informal and personal long interviews with legends of Indian music – UstadBismillah Khan, Pt. KishanMaharaj, Pt. Jasraj, Dr M Balamuralikrishna, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Pt. BirjuMaharaj and Pt. HariprasadChaurasia along with “PrashnaPaanchali”, “AadhiDhoop”, “Anuttar” and “Tees ka Safar” to name a few. She has also edited Coffee Table books about Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. Her works have been translated in English, Rumanian and Telugu. She initiated this FaceBook campaign – Six Yards and 365 Days in support of handloom sarees and the weaving community. This has taken the shape of a movement now.