ICC World Cup 2019: Importance of travel Insurance

As the 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup began from May 30, 2019 and will conclude on July 14, while you get your tri-colour paint and other memorabilia ready, don’t forget to get your trip insured for a hassle-free journey, says Vivek Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, Digit Insurance.

ICC World Cup 2019: Importance of travel Insurance

The wait is over, and the cricket enthusiasts are geared up for the ICC World Cup after four long years. Flying out in person to cheer your team is one of the ultimate dreams of most die-hard cricket fans. According to one of the most extensive market surveys done by ICC, cricket has around one billion fans globally.

It is the 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup, and it is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July 2019. While you get your tri-colour paint and other memorabilia ready, don’t forget to get your trip insured for a hassle-free journey, says Chaturvedi.

Vivek Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, Digit Insurance

“You might think— why do you need travel insurance? Going to the UK is expensive. From booking your tickets to booking your stay, you can plan a minute-to-minute itinerary for a perfect trip. But unforeseen events can change this plan, and apart from the disappointment, you will also be looking at various losses that travel insurance can cover,” says Chaturvedi.

Here are some important points you need to keep in mind before choosing a travel cover:

Unforeseen and Unfortunate Circumstances

A travel insurance for your trip protects and covers you from any further expenses in the case of unpredictable and unfortunate circumstances that may arise before or during your trip. Mitigating your risk will be advisable. For example, stampedes in crowded areas can be an unforeseen circumstance.

Note: Most travel insurance policies do not cover acts of terrorism.

Expensive cities

Also, the UK can be expensive. Therefore, it’s safer to spend a few bucks on international travel insurance, than bear the financial and personal brunt of unpredictable circumstances that may spring up during your time there. For instance, calling an insurance company from the UK can burn a hole in your wallet. However, look for insurance companies that provide 24 x 7 missed call facility, so that your call charges are minimal.

Travel insurance for the UK for Indians isn’t compulsory yet, but it fortifies your profile when you apply for the visa. And the last thing you want on holiday is to be spending beyond your budget. Travel insurance covers you for the round trip. It includes circumstances like trip cancellation due to an emergency, flight delays, baggage loss and delay, passport loss, thefts, legal issues, accidents and other medical emergencies that may occur unexpectedly during your trip.

But some benefits especially make sense because you’re going for the World Cup.Your insurance will cover the following list of things.

Ticket costs if your trip is cancelled

You plan such trips, but life takes its course. In case life plans something negative like your family member being hospitalised or dying, trip cancellation benefits ensure that you are compensated for the non-refundable parts of your booking, which also includes your stadium tickets. Ensure you know how much is the upper limit or sum insured in your policy under this benefit.

Medical Treatment Costs

If an injury or accident takes place, the last thing you would want is to see huge medical bills on the trip. This benefit makes sure you’re covered for such expenses in such scenarios, not only during the match but also when you are travelling around the city.

Compassionate Family Visit and Escort of Minor Child

If you’re travelling alone and need to be hospitalised, a compassionate family visit makes sure you have a caretaker flown in for support. Also, if you’re travelling with a kid and need the kid to be flown back home when you’re in the hospital, the Escort of Minor Child benefit makes sure that is arranged for. So, in both scenarios, there’s a cover that will help you.

Loss of Passport

If you lose your passport, you’re in a tough spot. The Loss of Passport cover ensures that help and advice is provided to you in such situations, and charges against the application for an emergency certificate. A new passport application is also covered.

Chaturvedi added, “These are some lesser-known benefits of insuring your travel apart from the regular ones. While you plan for a fun-filled trip to the World Cup, let your insurance cover protect you from loss.”